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Yesenia is an intuitive certified Reiki Master for over 3 years! Blending intuitive healing energy coupled with guidance from your guides, Yesenia is your go to Reiki Master to get your energy realigned and back on track!

626. 393.8098



What is Reiki you ask? Rei meaning universal ki meaning life force energy that I get to tap into and help clear any energetic blockages that may be creating chaos in your life. At times, that energetic build up can be affecting your physical body!

During our virtual reiki session, I will be providing a healing and safe space for us to really dive deep and release all negative energies that no longer serves you and pinpoint the main core issues that could be hindering your growth and healing process! While seated together via zoom, we will be energetically scanning each chakra coupled with my years of training in distance healing. We will be clearing and rebalancing your energy points to not only bring in positive energy but aid in your physical body to release pain and any stress/anxiety it is holding onto. When we end our time together, it is very common to feel relaxed, emotionally balanced, at peace and even have the ability to rest soundly! When you are feeling your best, you can give your best to yourself and the world! I look forward to being a part of that journey! 

60 min. 1 person via zoom - $111


About Yesenia...

Hello Friend! My name is Yesenia. I am a certified Usui Reiki Master. 

Like many of you I have walked through my share of struggles, traumas, and losses in life. Prior to my spiritual awakening I hit many lows and didn’t recognize the true joys that are considered highs of life. Before acknowledging my connection to Spirit I walked around life feeling alone and misunderstood, and I found myself living my life for other people. By allowing the negative energies to build up it caused me to ignore my purpose that then held me back and forced me to stand in the shadows of others. Then one day I got so tired, I decided to open the door so to speak that had been being knocked on by Spirit for years! By finally answering Spirits call I realized I had so much healing to do. But didn’t know how to ignite my own light. With the help of Spirit, I realized I had to embark on the journey of self-worth and self-discovery and I started  to do the work. When I say do the work I mean do the work! I started from inner child work to learning how to love myself and learning that my light was meant to shine.  


Since I have started living the life my higher self seeks, life has become the most beautiful place. I now see the beauty in the simple things and see the messages daily. I have learned you must work through the shadows in order to fully stand in the light without second guessing if this is where you truly belong. 

Due to my lows in my own personal journey, I have a strong desire to help others. Since my awakening I have had this passion to help guide others as they navigate and do their work. Through reiki, I am able hold space and work with you to help you realign by using Life Force Energy to help you take steps to be the best version of yourself. Holding no judgment and from a place of love I am able to provide energy healing to you anywhere in the world through distance reiki. We are all meant to continue to grow and always nurture our body, mind and soul. Healing is not linear, but you don’t have to do it alone. By utilizing the energy of the universe I am able to serve as a vessel for Life Force Energy clear the things within yourself that is holding you back. I am committed to assisting you on your journey through the gift of reiki and the help of Spirit as long as you allow me the honor and privilege. There is a reason you were called to me, trust that there is no coincidence. Are you ready to do your work?

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