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Whitney Ann
The Spookiest Intuitive

My name is Whitney and I am an empath, a psychic, and a Tarot & Oracle Card Reader. I have been called to strengthen & my intuition to help the collective. I offer insight from guides and angels and help see what you need to know to live your best life.

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Intuitive Psychic Readings

Have you ever felt lost? Chronically over-thinking all of the situations life throws at you? We’ve all been there. If you need some reassurance and insight, I’ve got you! Let’s connect with your guides and angels and see what need you to know. I will blend my intuition with messages through spirit and use tarot & oracle cards to get clarification, so you can calmly navigate through whatever is coming up. 

45 minutes $120
20 minutes $60


House or Business Clearings

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only replaced. Your home or business can still have the energy of the previous tenant, yesterday’s house party, who built the property or who even first walked the land itself. Any arguments, stress, break-ups, job loss, or even a residual haunting can linger in the space. If this builds up, over time, it could directly influence your everyday life. This heavy, stale energy needs to go and I got you covered! 



Medium Readings

During a Mediumship Reading, I create a safe and sacred space for clients to connect with their loved ones on the other side. With my spiritual gifts and intuition, I will connect with your departed loved ones to convey their wisdom, love, and guidance from beyond. I aim to accurately relay specific details, memories, and even shared jokes; as I hope to bring comfort and connection to clients and assure them that their loved ones are still present and watching over them.


My name is Whitney Ann, l've been consistently growing my intuition ever since 2016.

I'm always on a path to taking one step towards my higher self and growing my psychic medium gifts. I was a self-taught tarot/oracle card reader since 2020 until Daniel stepped into my life. I was able to start tapping into my client's energy and listening to my intuition to give specific guidance from spirit to each individual person.


Once I started taking classes with Daniel, this changed the game!

Daniel brought out my confidence in knowing how to listen to what spirit was explaining, he helped fine-tune my connection and give me the tools I needed to take my readings to a whole new level.

Daniel's expertise and consistent drive to help teach you how to use your gifts were something I could not have done without. I would not been able to personalize messages with such detail if I didn't take his classes and I am forever grateful. I felt such a calling to help people and I knew my empathy and intuition was a strong suit but had no idea I could take it to this level.


As a psychic, my clairvoyance (clear vision) now incredibly vivid and helpful when trying to decipher messages from spirit. By tapping into your energy, with permission of course, I will be able to understand how both you and spirit feel about where you are at and where you are going. I am able to deeply personalize these messages with the cards as a tool, for you know this message is for YOU!

Is something on your mind that you’d like divine guidance on? Do you not have time to do a full reading? I got you! Now available for quick mini messages when you need them. Send off your question and I’ll respond within 24-hours with your message. Perfect to get the answers you are searching for in a quick but meaningful message.
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