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A Two-Day Ground Breaking In-Person Experience with Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher Daniel Monroe!


Discovering your gifts can be difficult and overwhelming, especially with a galaxy full of information!

Weekend Discovery is all about finding your path, embracing your gifts and being supported every step of the way!

Are You A...







Weekend Discovery is for all gifted souls!

Unsure what your calling is?

Get ready to dive deep and unlock your soul's purpose!
Join Renowned Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe as he takes you on a weekend journey of self-discovery and gives you the key to unlocking your gifts!

This weekend is full of knowledge, techniques and years of experience to get you where your guides and gifts want you to be!
Daniel Will Be Covering
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Connecting To The Otherside

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Healing Tools

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Guides & Angels

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Unlocking The Message

And So Much More!

Weekend Discovery is all about YOU and YOUR GIFTS! Regardless if you are just starting out or have been working as a psychic, medium or healer for years. During this weekend, evidential Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe will break down each subject to help you find your path and how to take your gifts to the next level, all while giving you the tips and tools to step out into the world shining your light! ​

Spirit, energy, intuition and healing can be so complex and at times overwhelming, but when you come together with like-minded individuals PLUS being guided and mentored by Daniel Monroe, there are no limits to your success! ​

Are you ready to discover your purpose?

Plus Join Daniel For an Amazing Evening With Spirit!

Friday evening, join Daniel for this optional intimate event and see him live in action with Spirit during Hello from Heaven® live in his office and witness the healing messages from your loved ones in Spirit!

Friday January 20, 2022 @ 7:00pm
Ticket price for weekend Discovery Students: $49 (originally $75)

Weekend Experience...

January 20, 2022 @ 7:00pm (optional)

Day 1

Day 1 Get ready to dive in and learn all about intuition, energy and how to connect with your guides & Angels and start building your roadmap to success!

January 21, 2022 @
10:00am - 5:00pm

Break away for lunch at 1:00pm

January 22, 2022 @
10:00am - 5:00pm

Break away for lunch at 1:00pm

Hello from heaven®

Join Daniel for an incredible evening as he connects with the other side, relaying their messages full of love, laughter, and healing!

Day 2

fully unlock and embrace your gifts and uncover how to connect with spirit using trans-channeling and how to step into your mediumship abilities and so much more!






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Weekend Discovery 

Classes Only

January 21, 2023 - January 22, 2023


Weekend Discovery 



Hello From Heaven

January 20, 2023 - January 22, 2023