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Are you looking for guidance from your spiritual team?

Book your virtual reading with Master Psychic Medium™ Trina Hazel
& receive the insight you are needing!

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Saturday March 4, 2023 from 10:00am - 5:30pm
15 minutes for $25
This exclusive virtual event is
One Day Only with Limited Openings!

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Trina Hazel

Meet Trina Hazel...

Hi, I’m Trina Hazel a Psychic Medium but I haven’t always known I’m a psychic medium. There were clues, but it wasn’t until several years ago I put them together. My path to Spirit began as a child, I would experience footsteps as a child on my bed, that I knew were my guardian angel.  As a young adult I’d experienced a deep loss when my first love died in a car accident. I was working all alone in a small kitchen, thinking about an interview with Elizabeth Kubler Ross, she talked about everyone having Guardian Angels, aloud I wondered if I had a guardian angel, and I clearly, distinctly experienced 2 tugs on the sleeve of my left sleeve. I was stunned, this truth would comfort me, and still my doubts about my explorations in the metaphysical.

Several decades later, I find I’m in that stage of life of “if not now, when? This is my life, what do I want to do with the rest of it?” Personally, I was going through some painful times, and knew I had to find my own anchor or touchstone to navigate the rocky waters. I had for several years been focusing on becoming the most authentic version of myself, and spiritual development and study gave me a place to ground and a perspective that gave me peace. This led me to classes and training of my intuition and ultimately medium skills. I’ve been in training for several years with my mentor the fabulous Internationally known Daniel Monroe Psychic Medium from Vancouver, Washington.  I’ve taken woo-woo trainings for years but working with Daniel has brought my gifts into focus.
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