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Are you excited for the new year but already struggling with where to start or what journey to embark on?

Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you have a fresh start for this upcoming new year?

A year where you're no longer holding onto the past and be able to have room for new goals and dreams?

A year where you feel grounded and ready for new opportunities?

Join internationally renowned Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe for Spiritual Saturday! 


A Virtual Live-Online Retreat
created for releasing and clearing out our past and karmic debts!

Time for renewing our compassion for ourselves and rebalancing our lives.

During this Virtual Retreat, Daniel will be holding space via Zoom, full of love, compassion and healing.


A Saturday where you will learn how to cleanse your aura, rebalance your chakras and connect with your soul on a deeper level;

all while working with your Spirit Guides to manifest the new year you deserve!


During This 5-hour Virtual Retreat...

we will be spending the time:


  • cleansing 

  • rebalancing 

  • grounding 

  • clearing out the past


Call on your Guides and Angels and any loved one who is now in the spirit world to assist in manifesting

and bring to fruition what your soul desires for this new year!

Are you ready to find your way back to who you are?

Join Daniel's Virtual Retreat Via Zoom Right from the comfort of your own home using any Computer, Tablet or Smartphone!


January 8, 2022

10:00am PST - 4:00pm PST 


There will be an hour break at

12:30pm PST for you to log off and go eat lunch!


Are you ready to find your way back to who you are?

For a Limited Time Use Code: MANIFEST
Only $77
*Regularly $149

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Seats Are Limited!

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