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Shimea Nicole
Certified Master Medium™

I am Shimea Nicole one of Daniel Monroe's Master Mediums of the DMDA and fellow ADHDer. I've done Hello from Heaven three times, and continue to build my connection with spirit. I have been working with Daniel since 2020. On this amazing journey, I have learned so much about myself and stepped into my purpose. I have found and fell in love with my creativity, found my voice and the ability to use it and advocate for the silent voices, and learned how to love me.  I look forward to working with you, and being apart of your healing journey. 




Hey ya’ll. My name is Shimea Nicole. I’m a mother to two amazing boys, an empowering mix of Black, Japanese, and White, and a Psychic Medium. Growing up, I knew I was special, but I wasn't sure how. I could sense the room shift when people walked in and I just knew things, I thought everyone could do it. I cry literally at everything, the list of songs, TV shows, movies(not even sad ones), and images I've cried over is longer than I'd like to admit to lol. My awakening was when I was a drug and alcohol counselor in 2018. Yall when I tell you I thought I was going crazy, I thought I was losing my mind lol. Ya girl almost checked herself into a mental hospital. I was able to work through it, and with the combination of my job, and my awakening, I KNEW I was meant to help people heal. I’ve watched all the medium shows and thought MAN if I could do this for my clients or anyone else imagine the healing they’d get. I often wondered how it would change their lives to hear from their loved ones and what emotions they could release. I knew I had to learn how to master this skill of mediumship. I went in search of how to make this happen. What I didn't know was that spirit had a few more lessons for me to learn before I could step into the role I wanted to be in. Some of those lessons were to step into my power, use my voice to be a role model for those who were scared, and a voice for those who couldn’t use theirs. I learned a lot about gaining and maintaining balance in my mental, emotional, spiritual spaces. The most recent lesson came in May of 2021, when at age 33 I was diagnosed with ADHD. This made so many things in my life make sense, but also gave me the understanding I needed to move forward with my desire to share my gifts and my authentic self with the world. On this journey of self-empowerment, I came across the opportunity to work with Psychic Medium Daniel Monroe. I was able to step further into my purpose and use my voice to help both the spiritual and physical worlds heal.



I'm not going to first I was very skeptical of psychic mediums. So I was referred to Shimea by a friend, I figured why not, I'll try it out. She was so calming to speak with before we got started. She ended up channeling my great grandmother. My great grandmother passed away before i had a chance say goodbye. The manner in which she was speaking to me during the session would've only been as if my great grandmother was literally using her body to speak. The mannerisms were on point with my great grandmother. During our session I teared up a bit. I can't thank her enough for the closure I got after my reading. I definitely recommended her to a lot of my friends and family members.


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My Ethics

will always maintain a work-life balance. I will not take out personal problems on my clients and business and Vice versa. I will show up for my clients and do what I say. I will maintain and practice confidentiality. I understand this can be an emotional and healing experience for those in the living and the spiritual world. I will treat everyone who comes to me with respect and relay the messages to the best of my ability. If I feel unable to provide the services needed I will refer to someone I trust and that I know can do the job needed. I will never force any information to stick to you if it does naturally resonate with you or your loved ones. I will always Be real, authentic, and honest when dealing with my clients. I will always operate with the intention of my clients’ highest good. I am not going to force clients to stay in a reading if they are asking to pause or stop. I will respect their choice to end at any time. Clients will feel safe, supported, accepted and welcomed when they come to me. I will create a safe space where they will be welcomed to be their authentic selves, and at no time will i judge anyone i work with whether in the physical or spiritual world. I will not drag out information to gain multiple sessions with clients they may not need.

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