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Are You Ready To Develop Your Gifts?
Daniel Monroe Development Academy Presents
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Join World Class Psychic Medium
Daniel Monroe
In This Elite 4 Month
Mentoring+Development Course!

A Message From Daniel...

Calling All Beginner,

Intermediate or Advanced

Psychics, Mediums & Healers!

Are you ready to develop your gifts but are unsure of where to start?


Are you ready to unearth your natural abilities as a healer?


Are you intuitive and ready to strengthen your psychic abilities?


Are you able to sense Spirit and ready to take your mediumship gifts to the next level?


Then Spiritual Development Circle is the course for you!

Daniel Monroe has been working in the spiritual industry for almost a decade, and throughout the years he has trained with some of the best Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Life Coaches and Therapists from around the globe!
During his career, Daniel has taught hundreds of students from all different walks of life and has noticed a common issue amongst them; That issue is they find themselves asking “where do I start”? Many people are gifted but unsure of what those gifts are, or how to even seek out information to help their gifts grow!

Get ready to find your path during this Spiritual Development Circle!


Internationally Known Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Daniel Monroe has created a safe and nurturing space for those who would like to learn about, explore, and understand Spirituality as he mixes it in with a healthy dose of self-growth and development! 

The truth is WE ALL HAVE GIFTS!

We are all spiritual beings living inside of a physical body swirling with thoughts, emotions, energy, and most importantly we all a have a soul connected to a higher vibration. Therefore, there are a multitude of techniques and tools that we can implement to bring out and tap into the psychic, medium, and/or healer within you!

How Spiritual Development Circle Works...

Spiritual Development Circle is a place where you can receive support and encouragement as you expand your knowledge and awareness! By design, this Development Circle is suited for anyone wanting to better themselves not only with their gifts, but in all aspects of their lives! Regardless if you’re just beginning to look into spirituality or if you’re a seasoned Psychic Medium like myself, Spirit has shown me time and time again that there is always something more to learn and always room for improvement, if you’re willing!

This course is designed to bring out your soul’s calling and purpose in this lifetime! Let’s face it, discovering your gifts can be exciting but also overwhelming, which is why Daniel has designed this course to be a 4-month long development Circle!

You will connect with your fellow classmates and Daniel once a month to unlock a new gift and new techniques to strengthen your gift, but also, Spirit has a way of teaching what would benefit the group as a whole! Yes, Daniel has a set curriculum, but we all know that Spirit has their own agenda and often tailors the learning material for each group of students! 

Beautiful woman sits in a pose of a half lotus on high place amazing view of the island ou
Class 1: Healer 101
  • Cord Cutting
  • Removing Energetic Blocks
  • Creating Healing Energy
  • Understanding and Aligning Chakras
  • How to See Auras
And more!
Class 2: Intuition/Psychic 101
  • Receiving Insight​
  • Tapping Into Your Intuition
  • Building Your "Psychic Power" for Readings
  • How to Listen to Energy
  • How to Strengthen Your "Clairs"
And More!
Class 3: Mediumship 101
  • ​Connecting to The Spirit World
  • Communicating With Our Departed Loved Ones​
  • Unlocking the Messages
  • Strengthening Your Connection
  • Gaining Confidence in Your Abilities
And More!
Class 4: Soul Discovery 101
  • Exploring Your Past Lives
  • Working Through Grief
  • Establishing Your Connection With Your Guides
  • How to Follow Your Heart
  •  Empowering Your Gifts
And More!
Wings of a butterfly Morpho. Morpho butterfly wings isolated on a white background_edited.

Never Feel Alone!
Get Ready To Connect With Like-Minded People!
Embark on this journey not only with Daniel Monroe, but with other students who will accept and embrace you for YOU and become a part of the Butterfly Family!


What You Will Learn In This Ground Breaking Program...

In this remarkable 4-month course, you will be personally mentored by Daniel and taught everything you need to know to be able to discover your gifts and take them to the next level! 

Daniel will be taking you step-by-step from beginner tools, to intermediate techniques, to advanced knowledge, not only to bring out your gifts, but to really dive deep and fine tune your connection to Spirit!

Get Ready to Have Access to:

  • Class Replays

  • Hands on Practices

  • Direct Access to Daniel

  • Monthly Guidance & Training 

  • Exclusive Bonus Opportunities

  • Course Material to Help You Learn & Grow 

A Glance at What Daniel Will Be Covering...

  • Beginner to Advanced Mediumship Techniques

  • Beginner to Advanced Psychic Techniques

  • Beginner to Advanced Healer Techniques

  • How to Strengthen Your Connection

  • Receiving Insight and Messages

  • How to Deliver Healing to Your Clients

  • Identifying Your Guides

  • The Art of Grounding Before and After a Reading

  • Blending Your Energy With Spirit

  • How to Push Past the Fear

  • Daily Tools For All Gifts

  • Personal Coaching

And So Much More!

Spiritual Development Circle is a 4-month long HYBRID course!
You get the option to attend online OR in-person!

Course Schedule:

Saturday August 13, 2022 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

Saturday September 10, 2022 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

Saturday October 15, 2022 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

Saturday November 12, 2022 10:00am - 1:00pm PST

Class replays will be available if you are unable to attend the class in-person or virtually.

For those who will be attending Spiritual Development Circle online via Zoom, you will still be able to interact and ask questions as if you are sitting right there in the class room!

As a Bonus!

For those who will be attending in-person, you will be given a Spiritual Starter Kit!

Your kit will contain goodies such as sage, palo santos, crystals, candles, and other surprises to help further your development!


Plus, A Virtual Empowerment Call With Daniel!

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 12.41.09

Join Daniel Monroe on January 23, 2023 @ 6:30pm PST for a virtual group empowerment gathering to further your growth

at no additional cost!

These empowerment meetings are meant to give the students an opportunity to ask any questions or share scenarios that have come up since the last class that you may need guidance on or gain additional feedback and insight.


For A Limited Time Save 20% off this course!
Use Code: GIFTED

Online Development



4 In-Person Elite Group Coaching + Training With Daniel Monroe

Monthly Homework

Personal Notes From Daniel

Bonus Material

An Additional Empowerment Video Call

Exclusive Training & Learning Opportunities

Exclusive 30% Off Private Mentoring

Class Replay


And So Much More!

In-Person Development
Spiritual Starter Kit



4 In-Person Elite Group Coaching + Training With Daniel Monroe

Monthly Homework



Personal Notes From Daniel


Bonus Material

An Additional Empowerment Video Call

Exclusive Training & Learning Opportunities

Exclusive 30% Off Private Mentoring

Class Replay

Hands on Techniques

In-class Feedback



Spiritual Starter Kit

And So Much More!

"I took Daniel Monroe's mediumship course and I'm here to tell you it opened up a side of me that I've always been trying to connect to, I've always been interested in connecting with spirit but never really knowing if I had it in me or where to turn to.

Daniel's way of teaching is so easy to learn from because he is so passionate about what he does and makes everyone feel accepted and special, he brings love, heart, spirit and humor with a side of style!


For anyone looking to advance with connecting with spirit this is the course and class for you to start, it's open a whole new world for me. Since then I have taken other courses as well as mediumship 2 and I'm looking forward to mediumship three as this has helped me quite a bit in my journey Daniel's teaching makes it approachable and comfortable."

~Kelly R.

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