Releasing Your Past!


We all have a past; we all have a story.

From time to time that very past sneaks up on us and holds us back from moving forward. In life we come across many struggles and many reminders of our past, but the beauty of our past is simply it IS THE PAST and does NOT have to define us. Join International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Daniel Monroe in this online course!

I may be only 23 but my past was definitely not sunshine and flowers.

I’ve faced several different issues and came out of several different closets and if it wasn’t for those experiences, I would not be the person I am today, and I would not be able to connect and hold space and compassion for others.

They always say “forgive and forget”

but the reality is we need to forgive and not forget but we need to learn from those lessons and move forward implementing the teachings from our past and create boundaries and find that love from within so we can create a brighter future!


International Psychic Medium Spiritual Teacher 

Daniel Monroe


During this on class Daniel will be sharing with you 5 groundbreaking tips to help you clear out the past and create a brighter future!


1. Facing Your Past
2. Finding Peace
3. Speaking Your Truth
4. Listening To Your Intuition
5. Creating A Brighter Future

Are You Ready

To Release The Past?

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