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Are You Feeling Stuck In Life?

Are You Ready To Get To Know Who Your Guides Are?

Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Past And Manifest The Life You Deserve?

Join International 
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher
Daniel Monroe

As he invites you into his Vancouver office for a phenomenal workshop created to help you manifest what it is your heart and soul desire!
Get ready to learn how to connect with your Guides and Angels as we ask them to help clear out anything from the past that no longer serves us and to align us with best version of ourselves moving forward!


During this fun and refreshing workshop you will learn and work with Daniel as he teaches you various techniques that assist in manifesting your highest purpose, achieving your goals, and making your hopes and dreams come into fruition!

Daniel Will Be Covering:

~What is a new moon plate?

(We will be creating one in class & supplies will be provided by Daniel)

~Experience recognizing and feeling your energy field

~How to write a letter of intention

~Different ways to cleanse your energy

~Techniques to help clear out the past and make room for a more positively aligned future

~How to call in and connect with your Guides & Angels

& so much more!

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Class Will Be Held At Daniel's Vancouver Office.
Class Fee: $35
Seats Are Limited!

Pink to Orange Gradient

Class Starts In...

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