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Yoga at Home
Are you feeling out of balance?

Do you feel energetically stuck?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Life is like riding an emotional rollercoaster. It can be very blissful one moment, and then life can take an unexpected turn and we start to feel hectic and chaotic the next.


Sometimes things like feeling overwhelmed at work, arguing with a loved one, or even reading a sad news article can start to build up around us energetically.


If we don't clear that negative energy that we picked up on, it can start to linger and attach to us and our auras. This is why it is so important that we take the time to cleanse and purify our energy and our homes.


Clearing your aura, chakras and your personal space has such an incredible effect. Not only will you feel more balanced and rejuvenated, but it also allows more room for positive energy to come in by clearing out the negative!

Join International 
Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher
Daniel Monroe

As he teaches you the essential tools you need to cleanse and balance all aspects of your life!

Daniel Will Be Covering:
~How energy lingers
~How to cleanse your home energetically
~How to cleanse your chakras and your aura
~Use of Crystals
~Use of Sage And Palo Santos
~How physical clutter has an effect on us
~Grounding tools
~Working with your guides and angels to help cleanse yourself and your space
~Tools to protect yourself from negative or unwanted energy
~How to bring in positive energy after you have cleansed
~And so much more!

This Class Will Be Recorded
and Class Replay Will Be 
Wings of a butterfly Morpho. Morpho butterfly wings isolated on a white background._edited

Class Fee: $29
Seats Are Limited!

Pink to Orange Gradient

Class Starts In...

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