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Discovering You!
A LIVE Online Workshop
October 6, 2021 @ 6:30pm PST

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Are you ready to take back your power?

Are you wanting to discover your life purpose?

Are you ready to find your way through life?


Join Psychic Medium & Spiritual Teacher
Daniel Monroe for this life changing workshop!

A note from Daniel...

"Navigating through life is not always easy! Many of us feel lost, alone and even stuck! However, throughout the years of working with spirit and energy, I've learned life changing tools to help my clients find their purpose that are so simple but so powerful to help them reignited their passion, and set them back on the right path their soul was sent here to accomplish, with the help of Spirit of course!


Are you ready to listen to your soul and discover who you truly are?

In this virtual workshop online via Zoom
Daniel Monroe will cover:

And So Much More!

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Seats for this LIVE+Virtual Workshop are limited!
A class replay will be available for those of you who can't make the live class. 
Class Fee: $39

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