Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking?

Do you ever feel and sense your pets emotions?

Would you like to grow a deeper connection with your fur baby?

Join Daniel Monroe for this online virtual workshop via zoom Wednesday,  February 24, 2021 at 6:30pm PST!


If you are ready to finally know what your pets’ wants and needs are, then this workshop is for you!


Pet communication is one of the easiest ways to not only grow that bond with your pet instantly but be able to tap in and finally understand why your furry friends do what they do!


Yes, Daniel is a Psychic Medium and has been connecting with spirit for almost a decade! However, some of his favorite readings are when pets in the spirit world and HERE in the physical world energetically connect with Daniel and relay some incredible messages! 


Don’t let the makeup, nails and heels fool you. Some of Daniels’ first experience with his psychic and mediumship abilities started when he was growing up on his family’s farm!

A Note From Daniel:

My love for animals isn’t just your typical cat and dog! Growing up, my parents and I had all sorts of farm animals such as; chickens, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, milking cows and so much more! There was this one winter when I could energetically feel and sense there was something off with this baby cow and my parents contacted our vet and we were ordered to take him inside right away but my parents weren’t home at the time and I couldn’t carry this calf by myself!

I remember taking my jacket off because I could feel and sense this baby cow being so cold, so I immediately wrapped him up and laid/cuddled with this calf until my parents returned home and that’s when I found out that the calf had pneumonia! Who knew! You would think with all their fur they are made for all the seasons, but not this little guy!

Soon after that experience I took my gifts and love for animals to 4-H, where I showed; pigs, goats, steers, dairy cows and sheep for 8 years!

This extraordinary workshop is perfect for everyone and their pet! Daniel Monroe will teach you various techniques on how to tap into your psychic abilities and how to utilize them to connect with your pets and be able to feel and understand their wants, needs, desires and anything else they want to share with you! 


Who knows, Daniel might even read your pet regardless if they’re here in the physical world or on the other side during this workshop!

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