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About DMDA


Finding yourself here is no mistake!

There’s no such thing as a coincidence, especially when concerning Spirit!

Do you keep waking up at night at the exact time?

Do you always get overwhelmed with emotions that might not even be yours?

Do you always sense that there is more to life than just what’s presented to you?

My name is Daniel Monroe and I have always wondered the same exact questions plus a thousand more! Within all of my questions I found my gifts and have been able to unlock my intuition and the ability to communicate with loved ones on the other side, bringing messages of love and healing to thousands of people. Wanting to honor my gift and connection to spirit, I have travelled all over seeking the wisdom, knowledge and expertise of world-recognized Mediums and Psychics and push my abilities and my trust in God and my Spirit Guides and began to blend their knowledge with my many years of experience and start this Academy for students with the same quest as YOU.

With these travels, classes and trainings I have come to realize the value of instructor lead courses in real-time versus self-taught investigative research!

Why do you ask? 

Instructor lead courses in real time, hands on training, coupled with knowledge and coming together with a community of students that are like-minded can change the course of your entire learning curve! With every course I will not only bring my knowledge but also share my experiences throughout the years helping you develop your gifts and help you connect with your soul on a deeper level!

This Academy is a gift from my heart, and like I always say;

we all have these gifts some of us are just better listeners and that’s where I come in, to help you to listen!

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